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Animal Farm By George Orwell Free Kindle Edition

Animal Farm By George Orwell Free Download


George Orwell's Animal Farm is a supernatural work of fiction. The author wrote one of the best satires of the era, reflecting the growing rebellion among animals that aspire to handle humans. The animals at Mr. Jones Farm get tired of doing human service and it is very exploitative because they use animals for all their needs. The rebellion begins on the day Mr. Jones forgets to feed the animals. Under the charge of two pigs: Napoleon and Snowball, the animals thus plan to invade humans and occupy the farm.
Animal Farm By George Orwell
Animal Farm By George Orwell

An attempt has been initiated to rename the farm to 'Animal Farm'. The agenda was raised to benefit four-legged animals and other farm animals, for which they chose ideals, which became corrupt with the passage of time. The book depicts the events and events following the Russian Revolution in 1917, followed by the Stalinist Era of the Soviet Union. George Orwell, who was a democratic socialist, was opposed to Joseph Stalin and Moscow-directed Stalinism, resulting in a book like Animal Farm — one of his best satirical novels.

About the Author:
Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell was born on 25 June 1903. He was an English essayist, critic, novelist and journalist. His focus area was awareness of social injustice and democratic socialism, while he was opposed to dictatorship. His works include literary criticism, fiction, poetry and political journalism. Known for the dystopian novel: Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) and Animal Farm (1945), George Orwell was ranked by the Times as the second-largest British writer since 1945.

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Product details
ASIN : 0143416316
Publisher : Penguin India; Fourth edition
Language: : English
Paperback : 104 pages
ISBN-10 : 9780143416319
ISBN-13 : 978-0143416319
Item Weight : 59 g
Dimensions : 24.4 x 0.9 x 11.1 cm
Country of Origin : India


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